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Because we are a community involved station, we enjoy offering our listeners an opportunity to publicise their community events with our help.

To have your non-profit events included in our on-air Community Calendar, email your information to our PSA Director or fax your flier to (707) 462-4670. This service is for Non-Profit Events Only.

We also have 2 Online Event Calendars.

Follow this link to add your Non-Profit Event to our Calendar

Follow this link to add your For-Profit Event to our Entertaiment Calendar

Please be aware that listing an event on the online calendars will not automatically put the event in our on-air calendars. These events must be submitted separately to be placed in the online and on-air calendars.


2018 Special Programming – Theme Weekends Schedule
Theme weekends start at 5pm on Fridays and run through Sunday night.

1/5 -1/7
High Voltage

AC/DC takes center stage with their Australian high powered rock & roll. We head Down under
and crank it up with a High Voltage weekend!

1/26 - 1/28
Girl Power

Those ladies of rock are in the spotlight this weekend. Pat Benatar, Heart, Joan Jett,
Stevie Nicks, and many more.

2/16 - 2/18
Rock Around The World

We head to all corners of the globe to showcase the best rock artists and their biggest American hits.

3/9 - 3/11
Life In The Fast Lane

The Eagles take flight this weekend with their biggest hits and choice album cuts. Two
decades of Southern California rock.

3/30 - 4/1
Back In The Saddle

Aerosmith, those bad boys from Boston and America’s best selling hard rock band of all time,
takes center stage this weekend!

4/13 - 4/15
The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame

We welcome this year’s newest inductees while saluting all the greats that have made it into
The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame.

5/4 - 5/6
Hot Blooded

We dial it up, way up this weekend! It’s Foreigner with their biggest hits and best songs.

5/25 - 5/27
Rebel Rockers

Showcasing some pure southern rock gems. The best from ZZ Top, Lynyrd Skynyrd, The Allman Brothers, The Marshall Tucker Band, and many more!

6/15 - 6/17
Battle Of The Frontmen

Who made Van Halen really rock? David Lee Roth or Sammy Hagar? We’ll play some of their best
Van Halen songs this weekend to find out.

7/6 – 7/8
Eddie, Freddie, Geddy, Teddy & Petty

A hot mix of Eddie Van Halen, Freddy Mercury of Queen, Geddy Lee of Rush,
Ted Nugent, and Tom Petty!

7/27 - 7/29
Grab Yer Stones

It’s Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, and those bad boys of rock and roll this weekend.
The Rolling Stones with some of their biggest hits!

8/17 – 8/19
Guitar Greats

Heroes of the six strings. Masters of the axe. We’ll showcase some of the
greatest guitarists of all time!

9/7 - 9/9

We’re on patrol duty this weekend as we pull over some of the best from The Police and The Cars!

9/28 - 9/30
Mining For Led

Led Zeppelin, the most successful and influential band of the heavy rock era, commands attention this weekend as we feature studio and live versions of their best songs.

10/19 - 10/21
Hair Cuts

The best songs woven, steamed, and blow-dried from some of rock and roll’s greatest hair bands.

11/9 – 11/11
Magic Bus

We’ll jump on board the Magic Bus this weekend as we ride through the music of
The Who with some of their biggest hits!

11/30 - 12/2
Lost Classics
Those lost rock hits that deserve to be rediscovered and cranked up once again!

12/21 -12/23
Baddest Bad Boys Of Rock & Roll

Is it The Rolling Stones or Aerosmith? This weekend you can decide who’s the toughest, baddest
Bad Boys Of Rock & Roll.

12/31 - 1/1
No Jelly, Just Jam New Year’s Party
The best up-tempo rock hits! No sleepy ballads or slow tunes. The jam begins at 6 PM ET on
New Year's Eve, up to 4 AM ET on New Year’s Day.